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Re: Jan 25th Havas Images

FunkyMunky wrote in message <>
> On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 03:56:53 GMT, Steve Havas wrote:
> >
> > Sarah Mc wrote in message <>
> >> Steve Havas took another three images early this morning. The first of
> >> which was a wash, the second two were fairly good images, recording as
> >> deep as mag 19.2.
> >>
> >> Nothing new to report at the ZetaTalk coordinates except hot pixels
> >> and cosmic ray hits.
> >>
> >
> > I didn't realize you were so closely monitoring my yahoo briefcase as I had yet 
> > to announce that new images were taken. I briefly dropped in on the IRC chat 
> > yesterday and was surprised to find out that you already had the images, had 
> > processed them and put them on your website with the noise/cosmic ray hit 
> > explanations. Now that's what I call on-the-ball debunking!
> >
> > On your enlarged median BMP image it looks like you have within your large 
> > circle an existing object which can be seen on the DSS2 comparison image which 
> > is just a above and to the right of the Jan 21 coordinates. It appears to just 
> > barely show up on your median image. So not everything within that circle is 
> > noise/ cosmic ray hits. I think "px white" is probably the object that shows up 
> > on the 3 frames that are just below and left of that existing object and "px red" 
> > may be the larger, more diffuse object which appears below the Jan 21 coordinates 
> > and can be seen moving to the right over the images and also shows up on your 
> > median image.
> >
> > Either way, I find it interesting that something new is showing up at the 
> > predicted coordinates and whether anyone here believes it is noise or something 
> > else will obviously be a matter held in contention.
> >
> <<snip>>
> We are supposedly 3.75 months from the "passing".  Don't you think it
> would have to be a little bit more than something that could be
> confused as noise at this point?  Mag 19.2 at *this* time!?  Are you
> kidding!?  Do you have a brain in your head?  Do you have a brain in a
> jar on the shelf?

At this time, according to existing ZT, Px is about 4- 4.5 times the distance away 
from the Sun to Pluto. So with a diameter 4 times larger than Earth's it is only 
going to appear to be about 1% the size of Jupiter. So depending on where the moon 
swirls are, how they're lining up etc. PX may not appear to be very large until it 
gets closer over the next couple of months. Either way, not much time to wait now.