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Re: Jan 25th Havas Images

Jim Scotti wrote in message <b13uhu$sn$>
> Steve Havas wrote on Mon, 27 Jan 2003 18:12:34 GMT:
> :SH Many, many people around the world are worried about the prospect
> :SH of a possible pole-shift in the coming months so your daughter and
> :SH her friends mother are not alone.
> And the evidence definitively says that their worry is unfounded.
That is your opinion as many do believe the amount evidence is substantial.

> :SH I do not consider taking images
> :SH so that people can see what is out there a disservice to mankind.
> Taking the images is not a disservice, but your very poor and, indeed,
> incompetant analysis of those images, mis-interpretting them as
> containing non-existant images is the disservice.

I do not argue that my level of image processing abilities and analysis is not high. Fits files of
all raw images have been provided so anyone can do their own processing.
> :SH If you feel the images show nothing, the current accelerated Earth
> :SH changes meaningless, ...
> Please show evidence for "accelerated Earth changes".  I see no
> Earth changes that are statistically significant from the normal
> kinds of processes the Earth undergoes.
I consider the current accelerated Earth changes to be well document and 
more importantly, obvious. That it is not getting much attention beyond the 
screaming of the US going to war with Iraq does not mean that it is not 
happening. It is reported, but gets little attention or speculation as to why
such changes are occurring at this time. If Px regularly effects the Earth, 
then the current changes could be considered to not be abnormal from the 
normal kinds of processes the Earth undergoes.

> :SH ...the madness of the current Bush administration
> :SH not abnormal and so on, then you have nothing to worry about -
> :SH sleep tight.
> Well, there are certainly things to worry about, but Nancy's
> non-existant Planet X and the supposed pole shift is not one
> of them.

I would hope that to be true but at this time would consider it wishful thinking.

> Jim.
> Jim Scotti
> Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
> University of Arizona
> Tucson, AZ 85721 USA