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Re: Jan 25th Havas Images

Jim Scotti wrote in message <b15bt7$pd5$>
> Steve Havas wrote on Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:55:29 GMT:
> :SH Many people have heard something or another about the 
> :SH possibility of a planet coming through and causing problems 
> :SH for Earth in the near future. It's not
> Of course, because they are hearing it either directly or indirectly 
> from a few sources such as you and your ZetaBabble [tm] leader, Nancy.
> :SH really a big secret anymore. Coupled with the current bizarre 
> :SH world weather and other changes, this can substantiate their 
> :SH concerns as the governments have done little to explain what the 
> :SH hell is going on with the world right now.
> Really.  Ok, lets hear some specific examples.  Not just hearsay.  
> Things like its cold on the East coast won't work - it's often cold 
> on the East coast at this time of year.  Lets hear a statistical 
> analysis of why the current world weather patterns are really different 
> from normal world weather.  Not just your gut feeling.  And what
> other changes?  Be specific and no ZetaMumblings [tm] about some 
> imagined changes.  I > don't expect you to be able to come up with 
> any specifics.

Download the three PDF files on Climate Change and the Financial Services
Industry. A UN report warning of drastic climate changes that threaten the
insurance industry.

Earthquakes, especially over the last few months, are on the rise worldwide.

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