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Re: Jan 25th Havas Images

Jim Scotti wrote in message <b17vfu$9su$>
> Steve Havas wrote on Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:28:43 GMT:
> :SH Recent images on Jan 28 show a new object at the predicted
> :SH coordinates. Expect to see the files on ZT soon :
> :SH
> I was wrong - it's not a speck of noise - you've instead latched 
> onto a hot pixel!

Are you commenting on an image you haven't seen yet? As far as I know the 
Jan 28 images are not up. The objects identified on previous images are 
not comprised of single hot pixels.

> :SH Your position on this is well stated. If you see "convincing"
> :SH evidence, do you plan on changing your stance? If Px does not
> :SH come by in May, I will have no choice but to admit a catastrophic
> :SH error in judgement, but will you be willing to do the same with
> :SH the tables  turned the other way around?
> Of course!  As a scientist, if the evidence presents itself I will be
> convinced.  However, given the "evidence" presented so far, I don't see
> that that will happen.

I look forward then to watching the next couple of months unfold!

> :SH That was not meant as a threat, just how I see the situation.
> I didn't take it as a threat, since the quality of Nancy, er, the Zetas
> claims is so poor, why should I?
> Jim.
> Jim Scotti
> Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
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