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Re: Jan 25th Havas Images

Sean Golden wrote in message <>
> Steve Havas wrote in Article <uD%Z9.140304$>
> > Well, I'm glad there is no evidence that the entire crust of the earth has
> > melted within the last 3+ billion years. It shouldn't have a problem with 
> > melting then when it shifts this time. As for the moon, from what I know it 
> > does not have a molten core so shouldn't be subject to any pole-shifts.
> Here we have classic havas, a sterling example of why he is unable to
> reason rationally.
> When confronted with the clear explanation that the energies involved in
> decelerating the earth from a linear-at-the-surface speed of 1,000 mph
> to zero mph in one hour, he simply cannot comprehend that the energy
> involved has to come from somewhere, and has to go somewhere.  This
> simple high-school level knowledge of basic physics completely escapes
> him.

Again, the destruction due to earthquakes caused from the crust grinding 
to a halt is described to be great but I seriously doubt such an event 
would melt the crust in it's entirety and turn all the inhabitants into 
charred cinders. It's not like it's going from a 1000 mph to 0 in .1 sec!

> Again we have to assume that Planet X can violate all known physical
> laws at will, not only for itself, but for any effect it has on things
> around it.  Here we have a planet that in havas' mind can:
> - Accelerate/decelerate to and from near-relativistic
>   velocities on a dime with no ill-effects on its
>   inhabitants

The death toll would be extremely high I suspect in such an event.

> - From a distance of "4 - 4.5 times Pluto distance,"
>   overwhelm the effects of four giant planets that dwarf
>   Planet X in size and mass and are much closer to Earth

The solar system is in an equilibrium and PX would disrupt that 

> - Split its light into two beams, one white and one red,
>   but BOTH visible through red filters,

Light can split and light can be bent by gravity. Recent observations 
from NASA observed light from some star bending around Jupiter.

> - Stay in front of a collection of moons which are not
>   allowed to orbit it, but must "swirl behind" it

If PX is being strongly pulled forward by the Sun why wouldn't the 
moons lag and swirl behind it?

> - Accelerate/decelerate in the manner described and have
>   its "swirl" of moons remain attached as if by some
>   sort of interstellar duct tape

Due to a repulsion force which even NASA has admitted exists in the 
Universe although the nature of which is little understood.

> - Decrease from a magnitude of 2 to a magnitude of 20
>   (or higher) while simulatneously coming closer to
>   earth and heating up from its own internal sources

It should be visible by the end of March.

> - Zip through the Oort cloud without disturbing the
>   comets that live there

If PX has so many moons and trash maybe that's where it picked some 
of it up.

> I could go on and on...  What's the point.
> I have come to conclude that havas is the best debunking tool the world
> has yet devised to battle zetababble.  His complete inability to
> comprehend basic physical reality puts the real face of zeta kookery on
> display for all to see.
> No wonder zetanan has abandoned him.
> -sdg