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ZetaTalk: Timing Hints

Written June 19, 2010

The Zetas have described the precursors to the shift in great detail and have said that the pole shift will not take anyone by surprise but what about the first 7/10 event? - We will know when the poleshift is going to happen as the last weeks have been endlessly described in detail by the Zetas but since, at least for the UK, the 7/10 event could be described as a mini pole shift due to its effects, will there be any warning that this will happen. I worry that there won't be as there were no precursors to the 2004 Asian tsunami and God help those in Ireland and the SW of England if they get hit with the described 200-300ft tsunami without warning.

Earthquakes will, as we have predicted from the start of ZetaTalk, get more violent and frequent and occur in places not expecting them. Outside of the warnings that man has learned to utilize, such as screech on the radio or pets running away from home or the physical signs that those who are earthquake sensitives get, there will be no warning. This also applies to those major plate movements which we have described, and which were included in the holographic presentation given to Nancy last November, 2009. All these regions will have increasingly violent and frequent quakes, and then one day blam the plate movement we have described will occur. There may be precursor movements, slight, warning that the plate is getting ready to move. But other than that, no warning.

The sequence of events, such that major quakes in Japan will occur before the New Madrid, is a known. These would be very large quakes of a magnitude that hit Sumatra in December 2004, though they may not be called this by a USGS forever downplaying magnitude these days. That these will occur before the New Madrid does not say that other plate movement elsewhere around the world might not occur before the New Madrid, or before the Japan quakes. Outside of the sequence of events known - Japan, New Madrid, European tsunami - we have not confirmed any other connection between events. So what will your warning for the European tsunami be, given that the UK will be so heavily hit? Quake monitoring stations on the Atlantic Rift will show that large quakes have occurred in many places along the rift, almost simultaneously. Tsunami buoys are helpful, but primarily it will be ships out to sea who will notice a large and rapidly moving wave. This only gives hours of warning, however.

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