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ZetaTalk: China UFO

Written July 10, 2010

Is China really getting UFO visit in its eastern city Hangzhou that air traffic was disrupted on July 8? If not what was the thing they saw? [and from another] Insider reveal that the UFO could be seen by naked eyes. Actual how the incident was reported: around 8 pm, a private jet pilot on the runway spot a UFO about the height of 450m above. He reported to the control station. And the control station decided to secure the airport to prevent flights colliding with the UFO. They also inform the military to launch a search for the UFO. After 1 hour of search, they found nothing. Inflight radar show no UFO indication, only military planes. It's advise that nothing had been found and the government did not hide anything. And on another post, some confirm that the UFO objects appears as a BOL (confirm with latest update from media), and sights from Vietnam sea near Guangxi, reported around 8pm. Another sighting at Guangdong around 4am on the 7th. The object was moving quite fast. My take is: military have found nothing, yet know its a real UFO. So just covered some of the loopholes and say its not visible to naked eyes.

Hangzhou is on the line of breakage as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate is pulled down and under the Indo-Australian Plate. This is the line so active in sinkholes lately, from the point where the Himalayas are pushing into China across to the coast. Hangzhou is also on the coast, at the end of a bay which will surely have tidal bore or tsunami compressing to a point at Hangzhou when the Pacific does any degree of adjusting. The UFO was reported, sighted, as far south as Guangxi and Guangdong provinces, which are likewise along the coastlines in the regions being drawn down as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate is being bent. These regions, and Hangzhou, are clearly being warned about tsunami and a suddenly rising sea level as the plate is bend and pulled down. In sightings such as this, telepathic warnings are given to those below. The plate bending is at present gradual, and only exhibited by dramatic sinkholes that have developed. But plate movement, accompanying earthquakes, produces sudden changes, and it is then that those along the coastlines will experience sudden tsunami and loss of sea level.

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