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ZetaTalk: Taiwan UFO

Written August 7, 2010

What can you tell about this video? Lightning UFO Taiwan Pyramid Comments of Zetas?

During an intense lightning display, in which the lighting primarily remained up in the atmosphere and did not seem to ground, a pyramid UFO was sighted. In these types of UFO sightings, which get media attention and are seen by many on the ground, there is telepathic communication, warning those below of pending Earth changes. What is the warning for Taiwan? The UFO display was timed to occur during the lightning display so that many would notice, and ponder. Taiwan has been liberal in accepting immigrants, and will be pressed during the coming months to accept more. Indonesia will suffer as the tongue of Indonesia is pushed under the curve of the Indo-Australian plate, and many drowning Indonesians will be looking for a home elsewhere. Those in Taiwan are being told to expect this, and to search their hearts as to how to respond.

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