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ZetaTalk: China Supression

Written November 6, 2010

This is a Chinese who has read a lot of Zetatalk information which has been tranlated into Chinese. He doesn't know English, so aksing me to help him ask the following question: I am from China, a faithful believer of Zetatalk. Unlike most skeptical people, I believe you and Zetas are absolutely correct and credible. Now I'm eager to get help from you, because only you can help me in this regards. I am going to make up or give up my survival plans according to your information.I have a question to ask zetas, and would like to receive their answers. The question is : After the happening of 7 of 10, will the Chinese Government cut off or block this disaster information on network, so that we know nothing about the 7 of 10 ? If the government does not cut off or block these disaster information immediately, when will it do so? I am very afraid that the Chinese government will block all the disaster information and I can not hear Zetatalk any more. It would be fearful and helpless for me.

If the China government considered blocking media reports on the pending disaster in Indonesia, they did not consider it for more than a moment. Since the days of Tiananmen Square, when the brutality of the government was photographed and faxed to the outside world, China has been aware that technology and suppression of information flow do not go hand in hand. Since then, China has been further industrialized, the reach of the Internet pervasive. To attempt to suppress the fact of a large scale disaster in the region would prove to be impossible, and ultimately come back on the government, showing their hand. They may not officially ascribe to ZetaTalk predictions, but will not deny reports on a disaster in Indonesia.

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