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ZetaTalk: South America

Written November 27, 2010

What level or intensity of earthquakes should we anticipate for the São Paulo State, Brazil during the last weeks (not during the PS itself)? This information would help us to better understand possible highway disruptions - trying to avoid being trapped in the big cities. We almost never experience earthquakes, so I am curious about possible ones during the last weeks.

We cannot be specific as to do so would be to reveal a timeline. We are not, at the current time, even detailing the changes to expect during the 8 of 10. We have given a clue as to what the east coast of S America can expect, in general, in our 7 of 10 descriptions. Where the Andes will experience quakes of magnitude 8-9 during the 7 of 10 due to confrontations with the Nazca Plate, and the northern border of the S American Plate likewise due to the confrontation with the Caribbean Plate, the eastern coast does not deal with these traumas. As the Atlantic Rift continues to rip open, the eastern coast moves with the continent of S America as it presses toward the Pacific. Thus, riding in the rear during those confrontations, it experiences less trauma.

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