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ZetaTalk: St.Lawrence Seaway

Written August 28, 2010

Based on three ZetaTalk notes: North American Rip (February 10, 2006), Water Tree (August 16, 2006) and Minneapolis Bridge (August 2, 2007) it seems that The North American continent will be ripped along two major lines: An east-west rip from St. Lawrence Seaway and Montreal (in Quebec, Canada) to Minneapolis and/or Duluth (in Minnesota, USA), to Rapid City (South Dakota) and the Black Hills (Wyoming). A north-south rip along the Mississippi River, from Minnesota and Minneapolis in the north, via New Madrid Seismic Zone, to New Orleans in the south. Or eventually: From New England to Chicago, via New Madrid Seismic Zone, to Houston. The part east of the Mississippi will move toward the NE, while the part west of the Mississippi will move toward the SW. Will these two rips, meeting in Minneapolis as a "corner", manifest more or less simultaneously? Will the north-south rip end in New Orleans or Houston?

Indeed, tearing of the St. Lawrence Seaway will occur during the New Madrid adjustment. We have warned that quakes on the West Coast, or the Seaway, or in the New Madrid region will occur before the major quake in the New Madrid region we have referred to as the adjustment on a 7 of 10 level. There will be quakes in these areas, magnitude 4-7, which should not be considered the New Madrid adjustment of which we speak. Please do not ask, at every quake, what this "means". It means the New Madrid adjustment is still pending. When the tension in the N American continent starts to force major tearing of rock strata, so that the changes we have described can take place, this will not be all at once, simultaneously. We have described a series of large quakes, with one major one stemming from the New Madrid area that will be called a magnitude 9 but in truth will be larger. It is this quake that will set in motion adjustments elsewhere.

Mexico will lurch to the west as this major quake occurs, with a settling of land to the west of the Mississippi almost instantly afterwards. The Mississippi will seem to have widened, and those to the west will see a new view as they look east, as their land will have shifted to the southwest as well as dropped. Because the lurch of Mexico to the west actually intensifies the bowing of the N American continent, the Seaway tears open. This is actually various adjustments at weak points along the Seaway rather than the tearing apart into a larger inland bay that occurs during the pole shift itself. Niagara Falls will remain, but some of the inland locks will break. When the upper Mississippi region finds the land to its west slipping down and to the southwest, those parts north which were formerly firmly attached find they can spring northward, as the pressure from the bow had been inclining them to do. This allows the edge of the rip, at Duluth, MN, to tear further inland, with consequent rumpling in S Dakota and minor shifting of ground in all parts in between.

Written December 11, 2010

What will be the consequences on the cities of Detroit, Buffalo, and Toronto during the 7/10 New Madrid adjustment?

During the 7 of 10 New Madrid adjustment the Seaway will be affected, as we mentioned earlier. It will not tear open to the degree we predicted for the pole shift itself, but weak points along the Seaway will adjust. During the 7 of 10 Duluth will find crevasses nearby, similar to the crevasse that has occurred recently in the Michigan Penninsula, but with greater depth and scope. Inland locks along the Seaway will break. Detroit and Toronto will be unaffected during the 7 of 10 except of course for earthquake damage. As the New Madrid fault line runs up along the Seaway just under the Great lakes in Ohio, cities such as Cleveland and Toledo will find their infrastructure greatly shattered in places as the rock beneath them will jut or drop, vertical adjustments. Buffalo, being virtually on the fault line, will likewise be shattered in this way, such that freeways become useless, but the seaway at Niagara Falls will remain.

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