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ZetaTalk: Iceland

Written November 6, 2010

I looked through all discussions here at Ning chat and at Zetatalk but can't find some information about Iceland. I know that during the last event of the 7 of 10 scenarios, the Atlantic rift will be teared and that causes the EU Tsunami. So what will happen to island during that time? Iceland is located directly on the North Atlantic fault line, so is the whole country going to be split in pieces?

Iceland has been formed from volcanic rock, over the eons. This is not a violent birth, as the stretch zone just opens up, creating a crevasse. In the case of Iceland, which straddles the border of two large plates, the crevasse fills promptly with magma, which hardens. It does not split into pieces, it grows larger, thus. One can see this in the nature of the rock. Those nervous about this chasm should move away from the plate borders for the duration of the pole shift, moving back only after the magma has cooled.

Written May 1, 2010

How will the area around the arctic circle in Norway be affected by the Atlantic stretch tsunami?

Surprisingly, hardly at all. A tsunami, by definition, is a large amount of water pushed in one direction. We have explained that the collapse of the Canary Islands will not result in a wave traveling across the Atlantic, unlike the current expectation, because when water can dissipate in all directions such a wave does not develop. The adjustment in the center of the Atlantic will be a domino effect of an adjustment in the N American continent, the New Madrid adjustment, thus affecting water at that latitude. The Gulf Stream is pushing water at this point toward Europe, and thus the tsunami wave will be directed. Water disbursing to the north will dissipate.

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