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ZetaTalk: Time Frame
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding how our races will merge, and the time frame. The human race will eventually die out, although this may take some centuries and may never be completely a fact. How will this occur? After the cataclysms life will be difficult to sustain. As in times past, where healthy animal strains became extinct, there is a massive die-off and a struggle for the survivors to feed themselves. Reproduction requires a healthy mother and a lack of food or undue stress will cause a natural abortion. Infants are delicate after birth, and the environment they require will not, in the main, be around during their early days. Thus, the come-back will be slow.

Add to this our endeavor. We are increasing our collection of genetic material, even given the requisite that this needs to be gathered along family lines, for the braiding effect. In addition, the environment we can provide, for our Service-to-Other communities, will be safe and healthy. These will be protected communities. The general human populace, here and there, will establish such communities for themselves, but not in great numbers. Where we, the full-blood Zetas, are living communally with humans, or where our hybrids are living communally with humans, the genetic engineering will continue. The races will thus merge, over time. Some humans, today, are being born with Zeta genetics, but not to the degree that our hybrids contain. Thus, the human race, in the Service-to-Others communities where the Zetas or hybrids live, will in and of itself move toward a hybrid condition.

Will the human race not again flourish outside of these Service-to-Other communities? Recall that there will be a separation by orientation, increasingly. As humans who have not decided their orientation die, they will move to another planet to continue their deliberation. As humans who are Service-to-Others die, they will find themselves reincarnated into our Service-to-Others communities. Those humans who are Service-to-Self, even in the best of times, have difficulty continuing themselves. Nurturing is almost nonexistent. As those with this orientation die off, they are not reincarnated onto Earth, but will move on to a planet with their chosen orientation.

Thus, eventually, perhaps within 100 years or what you might call a generation, the Earth will be composed of Service-to-Other communities. Some will be strictly human, but will begin interacting with the other communities, intermarrying, and will thus merge. Others will be a combination of full-blood Zetas who will not be continuing, hybrids who will be reproducing, and humans who will be gradually gaining Zeta genetic material.

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