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IRC Sessions

Weekly IRC Sessions featuring the Zetas, via Nancy, responding to questions and related discussion are now being scheduled. The Logs of past sessions are available. Last possible Saturday session was Sat, May 17, 2003, 22:00 UTC/GMT, but daily sessions are being held in the#zetatalk_crisis channel at the normal hour. Logs will also be provided for these last days sessions.

The setting will be similar to a live radio broadcast in front of an audience. The selected questions will be answered in turn, with a time for follow-on questions after each question is addressed by the Zetas. Disruptive audience members will be promptly removed. If necessary, due to disruption, an IRC separation of those in the live room from those in audience will be done.
To facilitate attendance by those around the globe, the IRC sessions will be scheduled at a time when all can attend. Times are listed according to the UT Clock, as the related time for an attendees Time Zone and Clock Time can be quickly and easily located.
The Channel will be on the UnderNet.ORG IRC servers, which serves Europe and the USA. Gerard recommends and for help in locating UnderNet servers. Connect to the server with a /server command. Join the channel with a /join #zetatalk command. The #zetatalk channel can also be accessed via the internet. Just go to and click on the CONNECT button. When you receive a message asking you to accept a java applet, click OK. That will take you into a channel called #newbies. Once there, simply type the following and hit enter: /join #zetatalk
Questions should be submitted via the Contact Nancy and will be selected based on their relevance to issues the Zetas deem important or the broad base of interest in a particular subject. Obviously, personal questions of interest only to an individual will not be selected.