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2005 Lecture Series

The Passage, in Prophecy and Legend
The Kolbrin, Secrets Revealed
Who Runs the World?
Whither the Weather?
The Choice, Good or Evil
Season of the Second Sun
Safe Locations
Waterworlds, and Other Alien Habitats
The Double Lives of Contactees
Survivors, a Matter of Mindset
Survival Solutions, an Overview
Yes, There are Rules
Why FEMA Failed, and Other Martial Law Options
Chickens for Beginners
The Secret Government, MJ12 Fact and Fiction
Boldly, into the Shift
Annunaki, Ancient Gods
UFO Sightings, Where is this Leading?
The Pole Shift, a Wild Ride
Astonishing ZetaTalk Accuracy
The Stretch Zone, that Sinking Feeling
Cutting Tools, how to Make them from Scratch
Velikovsky, and the 3,600 Signature
Basic Survival, from LA to Fort Bragg
The Human Animal, a Zeta Perspective
Electricity, Survival Basics
Bust Busting, and the 2003 Debacle
Light Options, when the Light Bulbs are Gone
Spirit World - Ghosts, Possession, and Being OOB
Survival Home, Practical and Possible
Earth's Twirling Wobble, Rock and Roll
Woodworking Techniques using Hand Tools
Myths, True or False?
Earth's Transformation, the Many Aspects
Zeta-Human Hybrids, Mankind's Next Leap Forward
Gardening, for Beginners
Disaster Movies, Depicting the Passage?
Dimension Shifting, How Do They Do That?

2006 Lecture Series

Why NASA Fails, the Forces Against Them
Crop Circles, Message or Mystery?
The Call, Be Careful What You Ask For
Scrounging, How Trash May Become Your Treasure
2005 Year in Review, Trends Past and Pending
Decapitation, Demise of the Bush Administration
Aftertime - Hours, Months, Years after the Pole Shift
Global Quakes, What the USGS Won't Address
The Oashpe, a True Channeled Book
The Power of the Caring Heart
Judgement Day and the Reincarnation Process
Robots, Can They Take Over?
ZetaTalk Accuracy, Recent Examples
Religions of the World, a Mixed Message
The Dropping Dollar, Where is this Leading?
The Sling Orbit of Planet X
Self Defense in the Aftertime
The Devastating Tail of Planet X
ZetaTalk Accuracy, Proof Just Keeps Coming
Point of Passage, Earth vs Planet X
The Passage, a Short Story, Signs and Theories
The Passage, a Short Story, the Aftermath
The Passage, a Short Story, Survivor Groups
The Passage, a Short Story, Strange New Neighbors
Increasing Illness as the Pole Shift Approaches
The Big Lie, How the Coverup is Managed
The ZetaTalk Saga, how ZetaTalk Began
Vote Fraud, a Sword that Cuts Both Ways
Bugs, Worms, and Weeds - What to Eat
The Unthinkable Message, How will People Respond?
The Life and Death of MJ12, What Are They Up To?
Who Are the Zetas?
ZetaTalk Accuracy, It Just Doesn't Stop!
The Magnetic Dance Between Earth and Planet X
Debunking ZetaTalk, Have They Ever Succeeded?
Elite Exodus, Where Will They Run?
Controlling the Masses, the Establishment's Plans
Contact Nancy, What the Email Queue Reveals
Contactee Groups, Making a Difference
New Madrid Fault, When Will It Snap?
Contradictions in Prophecy, Who is Right?
Iraq, Is It About to Explode?