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We are not all going to survive the shift. If you don't feel guided to prepare perhaps your not one of the ones who are destined to survive. Live each day not in fear but with joyous anticipation of what is to come. Any other thought is a waste of time. The shift is a blessing not a tragedy. Live your life!

Offered by Peter.

If someone is depressed over the pole shift, they are probably depressed for other reasons as well. Depression also doesn't last forever, the forced motivation the pole shift will provide will surely bring most people into an active mode instead of a passive one. In short, knowing what you can do and when is probably the important way to prepare emotionally. At least then you're aware of your options.

Offered by Joe.

As a helicopter ambulance pilot in Vietnam, I observed first-hand the shock and anomie in the listless (passive) behavior of villagers after the destruction of their homes. "Shattered reality" shock and the shock generated by catastrophe both tend to rip away our sense of who we are and our reason for being. What finally facilitates a shift to the active mode, as you call it, is the initial handful of people who elicit a sense of "we're in this together" by expressing helping behaviors such as rescuing, medical relief, clean-up, disaster control and rebuilding. Usually, persons who are strong enough to respond in this capacity have prepared themselves, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for such a challenge. So far, I don't know of any other organization or activity that is approaching the pole shift/Earth changes theme in such a well-rounded capacity with respect to preparing for these forecast events.

Offered by Granville.