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Don't Wait

This year's gardening experience has been a sobering one for me. It's not going well. My decision to tear up the old, smaller garden and put in a larger one was met with a serious heat wave shortly after work began. This slowed us up, but we did get some of the seeds in (a sampling of everything) in a special section while we attempted to continue with the rest of the garden redesign. It has been a battle, with dryness, raccoons and especially the weeds we sowed aplenty by disking and plowing them throughout the whole area. Perhaps I can share a few hard lessons (updated with the coming times in mind).

For anybody who wonders if the changes are not already underway, I suggest a drive through Florida. We drove through many areas that had already burned or were still burning after the 1998 fires. At times, with the fire burning on both sides of us and smoke drifting across the highway, it seemed we were driving on a road through hell. Even though we may appreciate our openness to the changes on this site, nothing brings it home like seeing a part of it really happening. At times like that, I realize my own lack of emotional preparation when I wonder how what I am seeing could possibly be real. We have a lot of work to do on ourselves. Seeing Florida certainly opened my family up to some of the things I have been saying, especially after my having warned them at the end of winter of bad tornadoes in our future. Emotional preparation is essential. Trust your intuitions without doubting or denying them. Trust your visions. Trust your dreams to prepare you. In your sleep, you will know.

Offered by Granville.