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So you are all going to be the ones to live through this so called pole shift. What if it never happens? What if it's all just speculation? I have been poking around on Troubled Times now for weeks. Why? Because I guess I'm just a human being with a morbid sense of curiosity. And, just maybe I think you may all be right. And then again, you may all be wrong. If you're all right, then no matter how much preparation you do, you still are not going to know in which direction the earth will turn, which pieces of earth will crack open and swallow up whatever is nearby. What about falling trees, dust from explosions blocking sunlight (as in the movie Deep Impact) If you're all wrong, then here we waste time preparing and becoming just plain, well, weird. We will have time for what? Some often wrong prophet's ramblings. What about living for today?

I'm still reading more about this pole shift thing. I have four beautiful daughters, and you know I want them to survive if this happens. On the other hand, I know this would be hard on them emotionally if I were to become a fanatic and prepare the ark like Noah did, with all my family and friends and neighbors looking on as if I were insane. Am I Noah? God help us all if this actually does happen, prepared or not.

Offered by Cindy.