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We can do both. Some people plan and save for years for a family vacation or their retirement. Planning for ones survival should be no different. We have all thought the same way you are right now. Some just won't admit it. My thoughts are, what if we are right? We work and prepare for what's coming. What if we are wrong? So what. People have called me weird before and one more time would not bother me. What if it happens and me and mine don't survive? We gave it our best shot.

Offered by Clipper.

Why waste our time preparing for something that may or may not happen instead of living for today. Good question. I think we all must answer this one for ourselves. I know how hard it can be, even if you truly believe these terrible events will take place, how to tell the ones you care about what is in store. Very difficult indeed. I, myself, have an easy answer for the preparation part. Shouldn't we be trying to live more like what we are preparing for anyway?

How bad could it be to be using a clean power sources like wind turbine engines, hydroelectric engines, or Solar power that virtually has no negative effects on the environment unlike burning fossil fuels or nuclear waste? What does it hurt to grow more of own food instead of having to rely on the store to supply us with this necessity? What does it hurt to build and live in dome-type houses that are very energy efficient and can withstand many different outside stresses instead of the square counterparts we are so used to? Pole shift or no, this seems to me a better way to live, for my family and the planet we are living on. We have somehow forgotten that this planet is not ours to destroy and treat so poorly as we have done in the name of progress. In our onward pursuit toward a better standard of living, we have forgotten what should be a better standard of life.

Just focus on today with an eye on tomorrow. Try to seek guidance from whatever that may be for you and your faith. Knowledge without guidance can be a dangerous thing. It was hard on me too, but now I am calm. It's only normal to get upset about these things. It can break you down, and build you up. You will gain strength from it, I guarantee you!

Offered by Jon.