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The majority of us here within Troubled Times being consensus orientated, not leadership orientated, what’s the probability that even a small percentage of survivors will recognize the fact that we have this knowledge on how to survive? Typically some leadership type who can talk the loudest and longest gets the attention.

Offered by Mike.

I have also thought about being the only guy who knows what happened after the pole shift. Times may change in the next few years and others may see the light so to speak. But many may come to us and accuse us of "Why didn't you tell us! Now my family is dead!" when in fact we did tell them but they did not listen. Others will come and ask for help and we will give it. No one knows how things will turn out. I don't think any true Service-to-Other group will need a leader. One guy knows this and another guy knows that (this covers men and women) and with a combination of all skills we start to rebuild. I think the word leader does have a dictatorial sound to it. But, if one was a true leader, one would lead by example. As we are on this list.

Offered by Clipper.