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I was once on a traffic accident scene, probably car number 10 or 20 at the scene, 5 to 10 minutes after the crash. Unfair game; Audi meets large truck. There were a number of parked cars and bystanders there already. I stopped, and was the first person went over to the poor guy that had been driving the Audi to check whether there was anything I could do. Nope, he was gone. While I checked him out, another person came up to me, a doctor. He was convinced I was a doctor or nurse since people normally don't bother about the victims, they just stop to look.

Do you remember the news story a few years back from a New York park, where the uncle raped his niece while people were standing around looking, doing nothing? Heard about Estonia - the ship that went down in the Baltic Sea, losing close to 1,000 souls? I recently read an interview with one of the survivors in which he explained how he had passed a lot of people in despair on his way out to his own survival. He had not lifted one finger to help anybody, and now he complained about the Government not doing anything for him and other survivors after the accident!

Unfortunately, the ordinary human being seems unable to cope with big challenges, problems and catastrophes. We will have hordes of such people andothers being unable to cope with the situation, and other hordes of self focused people taking advantage of everybody else for their personal survival. If 90% or so die, of the remaining 10%, at least half if not 90% of the survivors will be terrified, babbling wrecks waiting to be saved. Since we are members of Troubled Times, I believe we have chosen our missions to be survival. As far as I can see, there are two quite distinct survival scenarios:

I think each and everyone of us needs to think through these scenarios. I do not know which one is right or best. What I do know is that the second scenario, will require very strong leadership and tough selection of who to help and not in order to succeed. The first scenario may sound selish, but could still be the right model to be certain that your group does make it through the difficult decades after the pole shift. We all need to prepare for how to deal with the unprepared, and select our survival model accordingly.

Offered by Jan.