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ZetaTalk: Zeta Reticuli
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Our home planet is in the star system of Zeta Reticuli, or, shall we say, what you term Zeta Reticuli. We, of course, have our own names for things. Zeta Reticuli is indeed a binary star system, or at least that part of it you, on Earth, are aware of. In fact, there is much more to the star system than you are aware of. The binary stars circle each other on an extreme end of Zeta Reticuli, less than 1/3 into the star system itself. The other 2/3 are composed of stars not visible to you, on Earth, but nevertheless affecting the gravitational pull of the other stars and planets in the system. These other 2/3 of the bulk of the star system are only evident by the erratic nature of the dance visible to you, on Earth, of the two visible binary stars.

What we are telling you, is that the planet we originate from is not known to you, as it is part of the 2/3 mass of the star system not known to you. Do you think our eyes got so large because our sun was bright? It has been rumored that our planet is dying, and that this is the reason we are seeking genetic rebirth on your planet, Earth. In fact, our planet is long dead, and we Zetas have been living by artificial means for eons. We learned to live in cavities within planets, and by artificial light. We found this to be more hospitable to living even before we destroyed our planet. Do you suppose we dove into the sub-structure of our planet just when the atmosphere became poisonous, due to our wars? We were already there. We had been simply forced to take this alternative over any others.

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