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ZetaTalk: Variety of Life Forms

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Our emissary, Nancy, will describe from her hypnotic recall some of the life forms she has been presented with.

Start Nancy's Recall

Greek God
Greek God was presented in the lineup of hominoids. He made Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a 97 pound weakling. He was wearing a Roman legionnaire's outfit and was attractively proportioned. What a hunk! My comment to him was, "No wonder they thought you were gods."
Chicken Man
Chicken Man was presented in the lineup of hominoids. He looked just like a flesh-colored chicken without feathers, but upon close examination I saw there were toes on the feet and fingers on the end of wing-like arms. There was no beak, just a pointed face. When I asked what his planet was like I was given a telepathic view of a bleak rocky place. I was told this was a female who was hugging and protective of the next hominoid, a male.
Tiny Man
Tiny Man was presented in the lineup of hominoids. He stood about a foot tall, and was flesh colored with a rounded head and short limbs. He seemed terribly shy, and when spoken to would titter and look at the floor. Chicken Man did all the talking.
Horned Toad Man
Horned Toad Man was presented in the lineup of hominoids. He was less than 4 foot tall and wore clothing. His skin was covered by large humped plates similar in appearance to the top of a turtle shell, but with more flexibility. When asked, he explained that his home planet was a dry, rocky place. There were two of these, one smaller than the other, but I failed to ask if they were from different planets or were different sexes.
Broom Stick Man
Broom Stick Man is the very tall and skinny alien from Close Encounters, the one with a small thin head. He appeared to be in charge of presenting the hominoid lineup. He seemed responsible and sensitive to the varying discomforts and expectations of the group.


Little Green Man
Little Green Man was presented in the lineup of hominoids. He was less than 4 foot tall, had a round green face but thin body, and had splayed fingers from a small round hand. He wore a plain blue outfit.


Slinky Man
Slinky Man was presented in the lineup of hominoids. He was short and appeared to have no neck, wrists, or ankles - all was one round tubular shape like connected slinkies. He wore an outfit with a high collar and his hair was clumped and still, black, standing straight up along the back of the head in peaks. I asked about his home planet but received for an answer this movement. His right leg stretched out to twice its length and landed to the side, then retracted and came back. He stretched like a slinky, without sign of bones inside. Persevering, I next got the following motion. His head rose up on a stretching neck 2 feet above the shoulders. His neck didn't get thin, all just rose up like a slinky.
Broom Stick Man explained telepathically that I had offended Slinky Man, because I hadn't bowed before talking to him. I bowed deeply from the waist and begged his forgiveness, and got warm, happy vibes from Slinky Man telepathically. I never did get my question answered. I asked the Zetas about him afterwards, and they explained this race is from a 3rd Density planet, not mature as our planet is not mature. Where we are violent, they get into a lot of posturing and political chits. The Zetas said "Very tiring."
Swamp Creature
Swamp Creature was presented later, after the presentations of hominoids, where the presentations were moving to other variations of intelligent creatures. He looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon except that he was green, not black. A gentle giant, in and out of the water.


Octopus Man
Octopus Man had a body and tentacles like an octopus. He was chocolate brown on the outside and cream colored on the underside of the tentacles. I was delighted to find him very chatty. I asked what his home planet was like and was telepathically shown a planet of water with only an occasional rock sticking out - very windy above the water line and inhospitable where the water was warm and inviting. We shook hands at the end, hand to tentacle. He had a special pink tentacle like a long earthworm that wrapped around my wrist, to improve communications it seemed. I had no problem with that. It's not the life form, it's the vibes coming from the soul within that matters.
Bean Bag Man
Introduction to this intelligent alien caused me to faint for the first time in my life. The Zetas dragged me to my feet and the introduction proceeded. Bean Bag Man has 2 eyes in a broad round head, and a single mouth. Asked what his home planet was like, I received a telepathic explanation of a green hothouse kind of place. Bean Bag Man looked like a round green blob with no bones. When I asked what he ate, I got a telepathic view of a bug like a beetle being crushed. I gave Bean Bag Man a telepathic view and explanation of our custom of shaking hands, and he extended one of about fifty little claws that fringed around his waist. After a moment's hesitation I took and shook one of the claws.
I asked about technology, and didn't get anything back. He did not come for this visit on his own power. I asked about housing and got a telepathic scene of Bean Bag Man sort of flowing along the ground toward a sheltered place along an embankment. Saying goodby, Bean Bag Man moved away from me, flowing along by heaving parts of his body forward or backward along the ground. Bean Bag Man was all green, except for his bottom where he abutted the ground, and this was black. A pleasant fellow, meaning me no harm.
Cockroach Man
Cockroach Man emerged from a blue/green pool, where he had been floating face down. The pool appeared to be thick with algae. His back was smooth and rounded like a turtle shell, with no sign of wings, and he was gray all over. He stood erect on a rear set of legs, looking like a giant cockroach on the front with several sets of leg/arms ending in two toes/fingers and with a couple of round eyes at the head. He was not particularly communicative.
Amoebae Man
Amoebae Man was light green and without form or distinction. He had no markings. He was on the floor, and flowed parts of itself around my ankles so communication could occur. A picture of a rocky world where life only occurs in the crevices was relayed to me. Amoebae man had to lay low to survive.


Vampire Man
Vampire Man looked like a hominoid flea. He stood 4 foot high with stubby little legs and arms and gray leathery skin. The outstanding feature was 2 long, gray tusks coming down from his face about 4 inches apart. My understanding was that this was the equivalent of our vultures, in that it eats the dead by sucking fluids from a corpse. He seemed negative to me in that he wanted to intimidate, but like most bullies backed away when really confronted. I grabbed a tusk and flipped him onto his back. Not being agile, it took him some minutes to right himself, his stubby arms and legs flailing.
Dino Man
Dino Man looked like a small Tyrannosaurus Rex, but was no taller than a large man. He was dark green, with a ridge down his back, and stood erect while leaning back on a large fat tail used for balance. The end of his tail had a couple of pointed yellow barbs, which looked fluid filled and puffy. The mouth was lined with many teeth. He was not a telepathic conversationalist except to insist that I was to obey him, a command he repeated several times. When this was refused he opened his mouth to show all his teeth, leaning toward me. When he found he could not intimidate me, he lost interest and turned his back.

End Nancy's Recall

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