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ZetaTalk: Got Religion
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Regarding religion. We have a religion. In fact, everyone does. Even those who profess not to have a religion have a religion in their protestations. When we speak of our religion, it is more of an understanding of the Universe. We are emotionally connected to the Universe. We are within the One. We have kinship with one another as parts of the One. We have reverence for the Universe and its workings, as a thing of beauty which we wish to understand. Each soul is in the hand of God, within God, to our way of thinking, and thus needs no intermediary. We, the Zetas, do not impose schedules on when God will be present, or we should all gather and listen to someone interpret God's words and thoughts for us. Each is left to his own communications, which needs no other intermediary.

Our religion is not like the major religions of the Earth, which deify entities human in appearance. These religions, where the message given to humans was to draw them to the light, have been corrupted over time by the forces of darkness. These religions preach against knowledge, against self initiative, against free thought. They restrain with rules which assist only those who wish to rule. Where human religions, however well founded, have invariably been twisted by the Service-to-Self crowd until they have lost all semblance of the original intent, our faith is not so affected. The pure adage to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself stands as the rule by which we guide ourselves, and there are no Thou Shalt Not's included. Where human religions, having been infiltrated with the structure the Service-to-Self crowd feels comfortable with, have pomp and ceremony and severe strictures for evading the controls, we have no ceremony to express our faith.

Was it not Jesus who said, insofar as ye love the least amongst you, so ye love me, or words to that effect? Jesus was relaying a true Service-to-Others philosophy of faith, as we believe that each of us, the least included, represents a part of God, is included in God's plan, and is God's handiwork. Where we are not much clearer than you are on what God is, this is our faith.

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