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ZetaTalk: Great Pyramids
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Humans ponder the pyramids of Egypt and some similar structures in South and Central America, and wonder how early man could rise or move such large stones? Of course, they could not. Even today the mechanics would be imposing to the point of being impossible. The answer is, of course, that early man did not build these structures. For majesty, early man went to massive structures such as mountain tops or cliffs or deep ravines. Their gods of force were the wind, as in tornadoes and hurricanes, and earthquakes, who on occasion moved great boulders and rearranged the landscape. So how would visitors act if they wanted to impress these impressionable savages? Move great boulders. The many pyramids they constructed around the world were more than viewing stations, though they afforded a stable point for star gazing, but were more like erecting a flag which for countries of Earth is a statement. Here I am. Here I have settled. Here I cannot be moved or removed.

This was not an effort for these hominoids, during this time, as they had entered into bargains with Service-to-Self aliens who had levitation abilities, and they moved the stones for them. The rocks used to build the pyramids were transported, and when levitation is used distance is not a factor. They were taken from a mine, in a block, and moved around the world. The issue was more the quality of the rock, and ease of extraction, than proximity. The aliens who helped to erect the pyramids are still influencing the giant hominoids today, which is why their culture is not ready for a Transformation as Earth is, but will be delayed. They have had heavy Service-to-Self influences, and are still recovering, the majority of their reincarnating souls still learning the drawbacks of this existence. They paid a price for these services, and are still working their way out of that. Many of their number developed strong Service-to- Self orientations during this time, and have influenced their culture severely and in a long term manner. For what these Service-to-Self aliens looked like, myths and legends suffice, as do the books from India, the Vedas. A wide range of appearances, and behaviors.

However, the Great Pyramids were built essentially as Navigational Devices. We are speaking here of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet, who in the past visited Earth to the point of taking up limited residence here. Where they are no longer free to visit in this manner, being in quarantine in this regard, in the past they were allowed to do so. Why was it necessary to build such large structures as interstellar navigational guides? Because, in the locale, any astronomical device would be subject to shifting sands. The Great Pyramids, by their great size and weight, ensure stability. All this just to sight an incoming comet, which makes its appearance on a regular basis and can be seen weeks if not months beforehand? The Great Pyramids were not used solely for sighting an incoming object, as their primary purpose was to act as a guidance system for the launches the exiled 12th Planet residents would make to meet their home planet. This required precision, as their rockets were no more sophisticated than those used to boost man into space today, and once in space they simply coasted until drawn into the gravitational orbit of the water planet they owed their allegiance to.

They did not last on Earth from one appearance of the 12th Planet to another. Several generations would pass, the knowledge of how to read the stars and what the 12th Planet kingship expected of them passed from parent to child. Conscientious parents, aging and sure to die before their progeny could return to the home planet where they had royalty status, built a navigational system that was rock solid and sure - the Giant Pyramids. Could the pyramids act as guides for the forthcoming reappearance of the giant comet, the 12th Planet? Many pole shifts have occurred since they were built, each time the crust of the Earth sliding into new positions. One would have to calibrate anew the points, which would in any case not now converge to the point where the giant comet reenters your Solar System. Legend has it that the Giant Pyramids originally pointed near the Orion Star System, and those legends have carried true to their origin. Where this is the original point of convergence, the spot where the giant comet first looms into view, the Giant Pyramids no longer act as a guide in this matter.

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