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ZetaTalk: Elves
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

There are many mythological characters that have lately been ascribed to extraterrestrials. Suddenly everyone sees they have been surrounded by extraterrestrials all along, that the creatures of fairy tales and myths are simply the guys from outer space, in disguise as little people. Nonsense. If they looked like little people, they were little people. One must realize that only recently have little people such as dwarfs been socially acceptable. In the past they were killed, more often than not, as representing the wrath of the gods or being an evil omen. Do you suppose their mothers simply handed them over for the knife? They hid them, and nurtured them in secret, taking them clothes and food. On occasion these little people, who would find each other by one means or another, would be seen by others. Surprise! What was that? Mythological creatures.

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