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ZetaTalk: American Indian
Note: written Jun 15, 1996.

A controversy exists on whether the American Indian migrated from what is now China or are themselves a distinct hominid race. Both origins are true. It is not by accident that the many tribes had such an advanced sense of democracy that the US Constitution was based on their social formulas. Equality between the sexes, voting rights at council, leadership that was based on earned respect rather than inherited title, and acceptance of social realities such as divorce and out-of-wedlock babies where the parties were not punished for social mishaps often out of their control. Isolated from much of the world, the American Indian can take credit for their social formulas, as any influences from across the seas were autocratic at best, as history retells.

The American Indian bears the marks of shared genetics with Asians that crossed the land bridge to Alaska, but the root race was much older and unique to the Americas. Unlike the six races of man, who were formed by genetically engineering an ape of Earth, the American Indian was a transplanted hominid who arrived far earlier. Why have their bones not been found? The bones that have been found all bear the traces of the inbreeding that occurred when Asians arrived. What is discovered from the prior race of transplanted hominids is not recognized for what it is. This race was slight in build, and is taken for monkey bones when found on the rare occasion that a cremation was not performed - a death in the woods, on a hunt, with the body never found. And where the American Indian was originally a transplant, through the considerable encounters with other races that all the races of man have experienced, the special genetics of this transplant can no longer be discerned.

It is said of the American Indian that they have old souls, and not without basis. The transplanted hominids were incarnated with entities in an advanced stage of 3rd Density existence with many markings of a 4th Density Service-to-Others social structure. Thus the democratic leanings, respect for nature, and awareness of journeys of the soul.

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