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ZetaTalk: Roller Coaster Ride
Note: written Apr 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Since the passage of the 12th Planet is so devastating to the Earth, what must the ride be like for the giant hominoids who live on the surface of the 12th Planet? Surprisingly gentle, for the following reasons:

During the passage, the hominoids are using history as a guide, as those who last experienced the passage are long dead. This history is recorded as astronomical terms, so sighting the Solar System and confirming the orbits of the planets is reassuring to those who might be nervous about the coming passage. In fact, the passage is viewed not unlike a holiday, where great dramas are played out before the eyes of the rapt audience. They pass by a Sun, as close as the planets bound to the Sun, a new and unique experience for those on a traveling world. When passing the Earth, they can visually see the pole shift as it occurs, a phenomenon which draws rapt crowds just as an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon does on Earth. Lightning storms occur in their upper atmosphere during the passage, fireworks rarely seen on their calm world.

Thus, the passage is more a holiday than a dreaded situation. However, those with empathy for the human population of Earth grieve, but there is scarcely anything they can do about what is occurring on Earth. They can no more steer their planet than mankind can.

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