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ZetaTalk: Zeta Knowledge
Note: written Dec 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, have been looked upon with skepticism for presenting information from the past which undocumented or otherwise unable to be explored by humans. Do we make this information up? How can we speak to the issue of mankindís genetic engineering, in the past, when we were still babes in the crib during that time ourselves, and did not have a hand in this engineering. How can we explain the motives in human dramas that occurred far in the past so that all the characters are now dead? How can we predict the arrival of the 12th Planet, when it is out in space beyond where man can peek clearly, and has a trajectory and path that is outside of the path that human math would compute? In this reaction, the skeptics are placing our ability to retrieve knowledge or arrive at conclusions on a par with their ability. Beyond the fact that we have more sources, and more knowledge, and a higher IQ, is our tendency, as a Service-to-Others group, to deal with the facts in a straightforward manner. We donít throw out what makes us uncomfortable, or insert lies to make ourselves feel more powerful or special, or distort the facts as a manipulation. So where do we get our information?

Being telepathic, we can tune into any and every human mind on Earth, should we wish, to read their thoughts. This ability exposes not only plans, but past actions. In that reincarnation exists, and the soul does not forget, we can locate and interrogate the soul of those humans who lived in the past. Is this in a computer? Indeed it is, if the mind is a organic computer, as the birthing guides are aware of past lives when counseling an entity between lifetimes and when planning their next incarnation. This is a simple inquiry to the birthing guides, who know the entities they are guiding as a mother knows her children, and can locate the soul to be contacted. Likewise the genetic engineering done in the past on mankind is not a secret, and as engineers charged with the current leap for mankind, we have been privy to all the information we desire in this area. And where man has become comfortable with predicting the morning sunrise, based on his knowledge of the rotation of the Earth and itís motion of the Earth around the Sun. we likewise are comfortable with our predictions on the arrival of the 12th Planet in 2003, as this is simply a factor of observation and computations, as well as past history.

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