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ZetaTalk: Birth of Man
Note: written Feb 15, 2002.

As the largest and strongest hominoid race on Earth at the time, the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet were understandably arrogant about the effects their genetics had on the humans they bred with. There were two lines of hominoids left to run the mining operations between passages of the 12th Planet - royalty and soldiers. The royalty interbred with each other, retaining the purity of their genetics, as without this purity their line would be forced to die out upon return to their home planet. The soldiers had lower class women from the 12th Planet available to them as sexual consorts, but often chose to create and maintain harems of human sex slaves of all ages and from both sexes. Most often the offspring died during childbirth, due to the large size of the infants, but those who lived carried genetics from the father, which gave rise to the legend that these hominoids created the human race, which is simply not true.

The giant hominoids from the 12th Planet did not genetically engineer humans. They toyed with genetics, and thus the rumor has started. These giant hominoids were experimenting with genetics just as humans are now eagerly embracing such activity, as they were slightly ahead of humans on the evolutionary scale. Thus when they toyed with the idea of what genetics could bring, doodling with the possible merging of animal and human species, this was taken literally by the people who are discovering these doodles now. Humans doodle, making pictures of eagles with lightning bolts in their talons. Does this mean that future generations should find these drawings and take them literally? These were representations of a fascination with the possibility of what genetic manipulation could create. Mankind was created not by these hominoids, but by others who did the genetic engineering, and this erroneous myth should be put to rest.

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